So this funny CV bounced around Twitter. If, in turn, it now offers you some Monday morning cheer then my work here is done.

Funny as I found this, it did make me think about how Recruitment Consultants often get it wrong when compiling their own CV's. Now why is this? Surely any half decent Recruitment Consultant knows how to put a decent CV together - so why fail so often with what must be their most important CV of all?

Of the many CV's over the past week I would estimate that at least half of them would be rated as poor, irrelevant or just plain inappropriate. So, being helpful soul that I am, here are a few examples of what NOT to do when preparing your CV:

DON'T moan about your current employer - Massive turn off 
DON'T give reasons for leaving your previous job i.e. you were headhunted - Nobody believes it
DON'T send your CV without spell-checking - So basic
DON'T include some dodgy photo that looks like it was taken at the wrong end of a night out - No explanation needed on this one
DON'T use weird fonts  - Why would anyone do this? Why?

If you do want to prepare a winning CV and job application then you need to get inside the "head" of your new potential employer and consider the following and include it in your CV:

  • What positive reasons do you have for seeking a career move?
  • What valuable skills do you possess - LIST THEM!
  • How would you add value to your prospective employer?
  • What are your values and how do they align with the organisation you would like to join?
  • Go crazy and include some references from clients and candidates
  • What are your recent key achievements?

When you are applying you have to "sell" yourself just like you would a candidate. This is what you are great at - don't sell yourself short!

Have a great week :)

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