The Best Places for Jobs

Even in periods of economic downturn, new jobs are still being created and there are many places across the country experiencing high job growth and low unemployment. There are also certain sectors within the economy where a lot of work is available for those looking for it.

Best Cities for Jobs

  • Since the global financial crisis of 2008 and 2009 hit, smaller towns and cities have experienced higher employment growth and lower unemployment than the big cities. These include Jacksonville, North Carolina; Lincoln, Nebraska; and Honolulu, Hawaii. The big cities that have fared the storm of the economic downturn well and are likely to continue growing well into the future all have strong, broad-based economies in addition to collaborative government, business and academic communities. These cities include Austin, Texas; Seattle, Washington; Washington, DC; Boulder, Colorado; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Rochester, Minnesota.

Best Regions for Jobs

  • The best regions for jobs in 2011 and into the future are those which bore minimal impact from the financial crisis, yet also reaped the rewards of government stimulus funding. Economists such as Professor Lee McPheters, Director of the Economic Outlook Center at Arizona State University, sees the West and Southeast regions as the strongest for job growth in the country now and in the years to come. Mr. McPheters predicts that the best prospects for job-seekers are in the western states of Texas, Arizona, Nevada, Washington and Utah as well as Virginia, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida in the southeast.

    Sectors with High Job Availability

    • Jobs have been created within the federal, state and local government sectors through the economic stimulus package and particularly in areas such as education and health. Cities related to the war economy have maintained strong employment markets as well, such as Fayetteville in North Carolina, Fort Hood in Texas, Georgia's Fort Stewart and Warner Robbins as well as Lawton, Oklahoma. Places that provide sources of energy have also performed well, such as Bismark and Fargo in North Dakota, Morgantown in West Virginia and Anchorage, Alaska.

    Places with Future Potential For Job Expansion

    • There are several indicators that a particular city will maintain a strong job market into the future. A population with a high proportion of university graduates, a business-friendly political climate, the presence of tech companies and an academic community that closely collaborates with local businesses are all indicators of a city's long-term prosperity. Mark Emmert, president of the University of Washington, Seattle, best summed up the two contributing factors to a city's economic vitality: smart people and great ideas. The best places for jobs and business are also the most liveable, being great places to be because of their culture, infrastructure and environment as well.

      By John London, eHow Contributor

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